The fifth and last volume of the mulapannasapali of the Majjima Nikaya

  • MN41 Sāleyyakasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Brahmans of Sala/(Brahmans) of Sala - A discussion of ten types of skillful and unskillful conduct in body, speech, and mind, and of the future rewards open to those who follow the guidelines to skillful conduct.

  • MN42 Verañjakasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Discourse to the Householders of Veranjaka - The Buddha expounds the moral code and values that lead to a better future life of ones choosing to the householders of Veranjaka. This code of ethics forms the basis of the Buddhist practice.

  • MN43 Mahāvedallasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Greater Set of Questions-and-Answers - Ven. Sariputta answers questions dealing with discernment, right view, and the higher meditative attainments.

  • MN44 Cūḷavedallasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers - Dhammadinna the nun fields a series of Dhamma questions put to her by her former husband: questions on self-identification, cessation, penetration into the true nature of feeling, and the attainment of Nibbana.

  • MN45 Cūḷadhammasamādānasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Shorter Discourse on Taking on Practices - The Buddha lectures on the four types of observances that a monk or any faith can practice.

  • MN46 Mahādhammasamādānasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Longer Discourse on Observances - The Buddha a detailed explanation of the four types of observances that a monk or any faith can practice and alludes to which type of practice the Dhamma is based on.

  • MN47 Vīmaṃsakasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Examination - The Buddha explains how one arrives in having faith is the Buddha and the Dhamma and the quality of that faith.

  • MN48 Kosambiyasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    The Discourse at Kosambi - The Buddha explains the qualities that lead to reverence, unity and friendliness in society.

  • MN49 Brahmanimantanikasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    An Address to Brahma - When God (Maha Brahma) thinks He is immortal, the Buddha plays hide and seek with him to teach him a lesson on the impermanent nature of consciousness.

  • MN50 Māratajjanīyasuttaṃ ( 2 )

    Frightening the Evil One - Mahamogallana scares away Mara the evil who disturbs him by relating his own struggle in hell after he injured an Arahant from eons past.