Pathika's Division - The remaining eleven long discourses in this division describes the mystical wonders and the origin of things, marks, practices, social ethics etc. This division also contains the numerically formulated summary of the Buddha's teachings.


  • DN24 Pathika Sutta
    Mystic Wonders and the Origin of Things - After finding the Buddha's teachings beyond his comprehension, the former monk Sunakkhatta became a follower of one of the other religious sects. He then slandered the Buddha, his disciples and disparged the Buddha's teachings. This sutta accounts the Buddha's refutation and explanation of many of Sunakkhatta’s accusations.
  • DN25 Udumbarika Sutta
    The Lion's Roar to the Udumbarikans - This discourse records the Buddha's debate with the ascetic Nigrodha and his followers at the Park of Queen Udumbarika near Rajagaha to remove their conviction in self mortification beliefs. In a question and answer session the Buddha points out flaws in the logic that austere practices were moral.
  • DN26 Cakkavatti Sutta
    The Lion-roar on the Turning of the Wheel - In the town of Matula, the Buddha told the story of an ancient Universal Monarch and his sucessors use of morality and righteousness to rule four continents. He described how the lifespan of people were related to the righteousness of their king.
  • DN27 Agganna Sutta
    A Book on Genesis - This discourse was given to two novices under training and points out the wrong beliefs of noblity with regard to the caste system. The Buddha refuted these claims of the Brahmins of the day by explaining how the world, human beings, society and social classes evolved.
  • DN28 Sampasadaniya Sutta
    The Faith that Satisfied - The Venerable Sariputta proclaimed aloud his faith in the Buddha in his presence with comparisons made to the other Buddhas of the past and future. The Buddha then questioned him on the details of his utterance with respect to his knowledge of the states of the minds of past and future Buddhas.
  • DN29 Pasadika Sutta
    The Delectable Discourse - After being told of the death of Nigantha Nataputta, the leader of a well-known sect, and the subsequent schism that took place amongst its disciples, the Buddha lectured on the consequence of deficient teachings. The Buddha then explained the elements of a good teaching.
  • DN30 Lakkhana Sutta
    The Marks of the Superman - This discourse lists the thirty-two bodily marks the Buddha described that all great men possessed. The Buddha gave an account of the meritorious deeds he performed in his previous lives to get these bodily marks.
  • DN31 Singala Sutta
    The Sigala Homily - The Buddha  teaches a young man named Singala the meaning of the ritual given to him by his late father. Here the Buddha lays down the ethics of what constitutes the lay life by explaining the moral duties of a lay person and how to manage a sucessful household.
  • DN32 Atanatiya Sutta
    The Ward Rune of Atanatiya - Four Celestial (godly) Kings visited the Buddha to relate the protecting incantation known as the Atanatiya Paritta for the protection of all from malevolent beings. This discourse lists the names of gods that was assigned the task of protecting us when called upon.
  • DN33 Sangiti Sutta
    The Recital - The Venerable Sariputta under the instruction of the Buddha taught a retinue of monks a compilation of the Buddha's teachings in the form of a recital classifying each collection of points under separate heading group of the ones, twos etc. to facilitate easy memorizing and recitation.
  • DN34 Dasuttara Sutta
    The Tenfold Series - This discourse, a reiteration of the previous sutta was delivered by the Venerable Sariputta to encourage the monks to strive for enlightenment by teaching the Dhamma classified under separate heads as Group of the Ones, twos ect. until the group of tens.
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